Fantastic new fixed mortgage from Santander

Santander have launched a fantastic fixed rate mortgage product, which is only available for 7 days. All applications have to be submitted by 8pm on November 29th 2012. This new fixed rate product is 1.99% (the overall cost for comparison is 4.3 % APR)

This mortgage product has a £1495 arrangement fee which can be added to the balance of the loan, and benefits from a free valuation for both purchases and remortgages. This is available up to 60% loan to value meaning that home owners will need 40% equity in their property or a 40% deposit for a purchase.

Early repayment charges apply to this mortgage during the fixed rate period. The early repayment charge is 3% until 02 January 2015.


Besides anyone who is currently looking to purchase or is currently looking for a remortgage, this mortgage could also be of benefit to anyone sat on their lenders standard variable rate, even  some of the most competitive standard variable rates on the market are at a higher rate than 1.99%. Also it is possible to reserve this rate if you are approaching the end of your current deal rate with your lender. This mortgage can be applied for up to 4 months in advance which means that anyone with a deal rate ending between now and the end of March 2013 could benefit.

To find out if this mortgage deal could benefit you, please contact Howard or Rachel on 029 2115 6918 to discuss your requirements.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

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