Mortgage Lending Levels hit highest level since January

According to the latest Bank of England lending report, mortgage approvals rose again in October to 29,358 and the number of loans for property purchases went up to 52,982.

The total value of the loans increased slightly from £12 billion to £12.1 billion.

Remortgage approvals also increased to 29,358, significantly above the previous six-month average of 27,602, and new house purchases and remortgage levels increased for the third consecutive month.

What does this mean for the market place? Typically January sees a lot of activity for a variety of reasons and the remortgage market sees a comparative spike compared with other months of the year. It is therefore seen as a ‘peak’ month in the mortgage market. The market has also experienced a lull over the Olympic period which has probably filtered through during the months afterwards. Although this is likely the situation, it is still  a positive sign as the market is moving nevertheless.

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