Commercial Mortgages

The assessment of commercial mortgages is somewhat more traditional than residential mortgages. Having a mortgage broker who can advise and package the mortgage application in the best possible light is key to success. And with a wide range of lenders at our finger tips, Harvey Bowes are well positioned to give the right advice and get the right lending decision.

You may need a commercial mortgage to purchase new premises for your business, or to purchase a commercial property to rent out. There is also the option of a commercial remortgage where a business can acquire additional funds through a remortgage for further commercial development, expansion or cash-flow. You may also be looking to purchase a business which is directly related to the property in which it operates, for example a Hotel, freehold public house or retail outlet.

Although commercial mortgage criteria is different to that of residential mortgages, there remains some similar principles. Particularly with loan to value ratios, income assessment and the credit worthiness of a business, its principles or both.

And that is where the experience of an expert commercial mortgage broker really helps. At Harvey Bowes, we can create the right impact with a fully packaged mortgage application and present it in the best possible light. We have direct access to decision-making underwriters with many high street and specialist commercial mortgage lenders.

Talk to Harvey Bowes about arranging your commercial mortgages: 02921754150

In addition to commercial mortgages, Harvey Bowes can advice on a range of asset finance products and cash flow finance facilities. If your business requires a cash flow injection for a wide variety of reasons—such as paying a tax bill, business expansion, acquisitions or other factors—please contact us for advice on the best way forwards. At Harvey Bowes we have a fresh, positive ‘can do’ attitude to acquiring finance for our clients. We are experienced in delivering bespoke funding for a wide variety of projects and we would be delighted to help. Contact Howard Bowes on 029 2115 6918 to discuss your requirements.

Breaking the mould on Broker Fees

The traditional practice in respect of broker fees, is for the broker to charge the borrower a fee, and in many cases, also arrange for the lender to factor into the ‘arrangement fee’ an additional sum for the broker. This is in addition to the commission received, which is normally based on the amount borrowed.

Harvey Bowes employ a very straight forward approach to our remuneration. We’ll tell you after assessing a case, but before you instruct us to make an application, how much we are going to charge. There will be no hidden fees factored into the deal. We’ll tell you how much commission we receive and deduct this from the amount we are charging, so you’ll have a straight forward invoice for the net amount and all fees are fully declared up front.


Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage


Typical APR 7.2%

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