About HB

Harvey Bowes, Newport based mortgage advisors who employ a fresh and positive approach to mortgage broking. Offering mortgages from a wide panel of lenders, which means that we work for you as our client and not a financial institution. By talking to Harvey Bowes, you access a huge range of lenders without spending your time and effort traipsing the high street yourself.

Our expert mortgage advisors will find the best mortgage deal for you—one that provides value for money even in the most challenging of markets; a mortgage that meets your personal requirements and circumstances.

We don’t run an off-shore call centre, we are a small successful team of Cardiff mortgage brokers. So when you call us, you can expect to talk to a UK based qualified mortgage advisor. In fact, you’ll have the same person to help from start to finish and if you would prefer, you can choose male or female advisors.

How does Harvey Bowes get paid? In some cases, we may charge a fee for advising on and arranging your mortgage. Any fee will be declared to you up front. Typically this fee is up to £600 or 1% of the amount you are borrowing depending on the complexity of the advice, recommendation and implementation of your mortgage. In addition, we receive a fee from the lender. We would be happy to give advice, please ask us by contacting us on 02921754150 Harvey Bowes – thinking mortgages.



Complete the quick enquiry form and we’ll make contact as soon as possible.


Harvey Bowes, expert mortgage broker

Expertise—Harvey Bowes are mortgage experts, unlike comparison websites, we have the knowledge to support a tailored recommendation. And unlike any High Street Bank, we can access mortgage deals from multiple lenders. Why spend hours or even days visiting lenders websites, or trundling down the high street visiting bank after bank when you can have your own professional mortgage broker seek out the best funding solution for you?

The mortgage market has changed significantly and will continue to evolve. By using a broker who operated in the market day to day, you benefit not only from expert advuce, but also from expert knowledge of the lender criteria. What the lenders accept in terms of income to assess how much a person can borrow, right through to acceptable property types and ways of repaying the mortgage, vary from lender to lender. And more so in recent years. A homeowner would be hard pressed to understand all the choices available, just as we as mortgage brokers are not expert Carpenters or or understand Engineering. The key point is to use a mortgage broker to give you expert advice. Your hoem is likely to be your biggest personal investment, so make sure you get the right advice to finance it; and protect it.

Exceptional Service—We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. We make sure we keep our clients informed every step of the way, you can choose to have a phone call with updates or a regular email – or both. We’ll also endeavour to get all of the supporting paperwork from you at the begining of the application and that way there are little delays if the lender happens to ask for something extra to support your application. That way we can process your application quickly. And it does not end once your mortgage has completed. We’ll offer you a mortgage review whenever you need one as you never know when circumstances may change. We’ll also contact you when your mortgage deal comes to an end, and offer to find the next great mortgage deal.

Our clients benefit from a comprehensive range of mortgages and straight talking advice. We do not operate an off-shore call centre, or confusing multiple choice telephone system. Our calls are answered here in the UK and we have qualified mortgage advisors eager to take your call.

Call us now on 02921754150

Why talk to Harvey Bowes about your mortgage

If you have used a broker before, hopefully you’ll know the value of a good broker and the advice that we give. At Harvey Bowes we consider ourselves as true experts in the mortgage market. We have arrangements in place with a number of Independent Financial Advisors, who, whilst being qualified to advise on mortgages, they appreciate the value of the advice we give and the true complexity of the market. Not wanting to be a ’jack of all trades’ these professional advisors introduce us to their clients to give accurate and expert mortgage advice.

Everyone has a different range of circumstances, different aspirations, a different attitude to risk and of course, varying income. That is why we start the process finding out more about you. Understanding all the ingredients that make up your mortgage requirements. From that, we can give the right advice. Advice that is needed and that works for you. After all, we work for you as our client, and not the lender.

Even in the tougher climate we have seen since 2008, there are still many mortgage products available from a wide variety of lenders. Some are high street lenders and some are specialist lenders one can only access through a broker. With so much choice, and with some lenders only being available through a professional mortgage broker, it is prudent to use a broker for advice.

Harvey Bowes are members of the Mortgage Next Network, among other benefits, this gives us access to exclusive deals only available to a number of pre-approved brokers. These include deals with some of the best known high street lenders in addition to some specialist lenders. It includes deals for high net worth mortgages, buy to let mortgages and everyday mortgage and remortgages.


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