Mortgages for Contractors

  • Building Contractorsremortgage deals mortgage broker cardiff
  • IT Contractors
  • Teaching Contractors & Supply Teachers
  • Freelance Web Developers

We make mortgages for contractors easy. We can help you get the right contractor mortgage or remortgage quickly and we’ll make sure you get the right advice for your specific circumstances.

Contractor mortgages are currently available up to 90% Loan to Value* and there are not only high street and specialist lenders who offer exclusive and bespoke mortgages to contractors, but you can also secure exactly the same mortgage as a preemie.

How do we achieve this?

It’s simple. There are specialist underwriters in High Street banks who understand that the services of a specialist contractor are in demand. They also understand that by being a contractor you are more flexible, versatile and indeed, earn more money than many permies. Presented properly, a contractor or freelance worker mortgage is easy to secure. What you need is a mortgage broker who understands your position and understands how to present it to the lenders.


Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage


*The loan to value ratios offered by lenders are likely to change at any time.


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