Overseas Mortgages

overseas mortgage broker cardiffWhether buying overseas property is the realisation of a dream or part of an investment portfolio there is, of course, a wide range of countries to choose from and an even wider range of mortgage products.

It is possible to arrange mortgages for the property you are looking to purchase or for some countries, known lenders on the high street in the UK will lend on property overseas.

For overseas mortgages, changes in the exchange rate may affect the sterling equivalent of your debt

Mortgages can be arranged in over 45 different countries and in numerous currencies. We can offer remortgages in addition to purchase mortgages. Your protection is key, and we can assist with Title Insurance and other important aspects of protecting your investment when purchasing abroad. In many cases we have strategic partners in the countries where our clients are looking to buy and having a trusted advisor on the ground to help with financing is a most welcome and reassuring asset.

Funding your deposit

You may be considering raising the deposit for your overseas mortgage by releasing equity from your own UK property, or by other funding methods. Ask Harvey Bowes for advice and a quotation today on 029 2067 6716

Expert Legal Advisors

We offer access to a panel of expert legal advisors who have representation in both the UK and in the property in which you wish to purchase. This provides invaluable overseas mortgagespeace of mind in a number of countries. Ask Harvey Bowes for advice and a quotation today on 02921754150

Are you looking to buy in Spain or a Spanish Island?

Many have been caught by planning and ownership laws when buying in Spain. There are specific laws and new policies that have been put in place by the Spanish government to crack down on corruption and provide more robust protection for those buying properties. Although this has been a long time coming, and sadly offers no comfort to those who have bought in the past, the Spanish government appreciate that their economy would significantly improve with a fresh influx of British property buyers.

To find out more about how you can protect yourself and get the right advice, talk to Harvey Bowes today: 02921754150


Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage


 Typical APR 7.2% – For overseas mortgages, changes in the exchange rate may effect the sterling equivalent of your debt


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