Purchase Mortgage

Purchasing your next home

professional mortgages mortgage broker cardiffWe can answer those important questions, for example: how much can I afford to borrow, how much will it costs, what is the maximum a lender will let me borrow? There are plenty of questions to be answered, and some of those mortgage questions ideally need to be answered before you start looking for a new property. Other questions will spring up along the way.

At Harvey Bowes, we have a straightforward, fresh and positive approach to mortgages. We’ll work hard to find the right mortgage for you.

One thing to be conscious of when you are buying in England & Wales is that the chain can fall at any time. Even if you are buying a property without a chain, the seller can pull out without notice or could sell to someone else. In the current climate ’gazumping’ is rare, but when you have your heart set on a property the last thing you need is to miss out. We’ll help you secure the property. Not only by securing a mortgage, but we also keep the selling Estate Agents well informed of progress so they do need to worry about marketing the property between your offer and exchange of contracts. And this is where speed is a good thing. Provided you can give us all the documents we require to support your application promptly, we are known for our speed. We’ll cut through the red tape and have a mortgage offer on the table promptly, meaning you can move forwardpurchase mortgage with confidence.

For more information, please contact us on 02921754150



To find out more about your purchase options, click a link below:

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