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Get finance for your new build home project or renovation with a self-build mortgage. There are various options open to people looking for a mortgage to self-build. These include specialist schemes under Build Loan who also run courses and have a fantastic information centre in Swindon. The other alternatives are mortgages from companies such as Halifax, Leeds Building Society and BM Solutions who all have a specialist underwriting approach to self-build.

For practical advice on your mortgage options, talk to Harvey Bowes today and we’ll give you straight talking advice. Lenders criteria on self-build mortgages vary considerably, with some financing a proportion of the land and other lenders insisting that you have started your build before financing. Then there are the qualifications of your project manager, builder or architect. Who is managing the build? Will there be a warranty granted upon completion? You may not have the answers to these questions right now, but you’ll need to work on your plans and get the answers before a full mortgage recommendation can be made. We can help you with this.

If you are new to the prospect of self-build, we have a number of case studies provided by our clients with their permission to present those interested in self-build with certain aspects of the build they have undertaken. This portfolio includes projects completed not only in the days prior to the ‘credit crunch’ but also from 2009 right up to date. We have case studies of self-build projects in Newport and Cardiff, South Wales as well as Gloucester, Devon, Cornwall, Hampshire and various parts of Dorset. Some are a total rebuild or renovation of an existing building where perhaps just one wall remained in the existing building and other case studies include complete new-build projects.

And if you need access to professional planning consultants, we have a panel for which we have undertaken due diligence and have seen projects flourish with their consultative skills.

All this is made available to Harvey Bowes clients, proving we go the extra mile to deliver a brilliant service.

The concept of self-build is attractive to many and the theory that finance is not out there for this type of project is simply not the case. While the press certainly paints a bleak picture, there are some great options from a variety of lenders. Dependent on where you are in your planning, and how much money you have to buy land or start the project, there are lenders out there.

If you have the land already, or have the cash to buy the land there are more lenders to approach, this is a brief synopsis of the options, correct at time of publication, but subject to change:

Build loan

Build Loan are a packager. So a mortgage broker can access a panel of lenders via Build Loan.They specialise in the self-build market and have exclusive deals available with a variety of lenders. They also offer a state of the art facility based in Swindon which is certainly worth a visit. They are able to offer finance even for the land purchase provided the land has at least outline planning permission. depending on the product and lender chosen, the remaining funds are paid at various stages of development.

BM Solutions

Bm Solutions is part of the HBOS group, which includes lenders such as Halifax. Under the BM Solutions brand, they offer up to 75% loan to value in 5 stages, which includes the land purchase. They do hold 10% of the full loan back until the nominated architect or qualified contractor signs off a completion certificate. At each stage of the build, before the next instalment of funds is drawn down, their surveyor must re-inspect. This is at the cost of the borrower. Traditionally, BM Solutions will not lend after the build has started, normally requiring a flat building site ready to start; however, this may be reconsidered providing the build has gone no further than foundation level.

Furness Building Society

For self-build they only lend in their operative postcode areas. There are 8 stages which may suit some build models, however, lending is restricted to 66% loan to value on each stage. Re-inspection prior to each drawn down is also required.


Under the Halifax brand, HBOS offer a different solution to the above criteria for BM Solutions. A key advantage is that Halifax will offer a self-build mortgage on any of the standard products, rather than only on their Standard Variable or a specific Build-Mortgage rate which is the case with other lenders. The restrictive part of their criteria is that work must have started. The land has to be purchased, with building to of been completed to at least the first level before lending can kick in. Again, re-inspection is required before each drawdown of funds. The maximum loan value is 80% and there is a specific formula used to work out how much money will be available at each stage.

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society

They will not lend on the land, so that has to be purchased first. 75% of the total loan is available in 4 stages. re-inspection at each stage is required and lending during the build is only available at the lenders Standard Variable Rate, however, once complete they will agree to swop to a ‘deal’ rate at an agreed loan to value based on the value of the project once complete.

Leeds Building Society

60% of the land value is available with outline planning permission, or 75% with detailed planning permission. These figures are based on the value of the land and not the finished project. There are 5 stages and re-inspection is required prior to each drawdown of funds. Leeds have a specific mortgage product available for Self Build.

Melton Mowbray Building Society

Again 5 stages and a maximum of 75% loan to value. The key difference with this Building Society to all of the above is that they will accept semi-detached self-build projects. All other lenders want detached only. This means that if you are building two properties, or have purchased land with a view to building onto the side of an existing building, this lender offers something the others do not – they’ll lend on it!

Self Build can be complex

This does not cover every lender in the market nor contain all of the terms and conditions of each lender. It does provide a taste of what is available. Self Build mortgages can be a complex thing. It is important to get the right advice right from the start and calculate the exit route to the self-build mortgage as well as the funding and build cost of the project. At Harvey Bowes, we have experience in this field and would be happy to discuss your requirements. Contact us today on 02921754150.

Self Build is a great alternative to buying a new build development from a major developer, it is however, important to be able to get professional help if you do not have the right experience. Many of these lenders require a professional builder with the correct qualifications or an Architect to oversee the build and sign it off on completion. If you look to sell the property within 10 years you will almost certainly need some sort of guarantee to be available or an Architects Certificate so that the buyer can get a mortgage on the property. For a more in-depth view, please contact Harvey Bowes, mortgage broker Cardiff on 02921754150

Do you want to build your own home, but are not sure where to start?

If that is the case, it’s not too early to talk to Harvey Bowes mortgages, we can talk through with you the funding options and how they work. This is a great place to start if you are looking to build your own home. We can also help you find a project manager, architect, building contractors or other professionals you may need to help with the process. No matter how tentative your enquiry, we are happy to help, call us on 02921754150

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage


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Some of the most frequently asked questions for self-build mortgages:

Can I build onto an adjoining building, (for example build onto the side of a detached building and therefore create two semi-detached)?

At the time of publishing this page of the website, the answer is yes – but only Melton Mowbray Building Society will consider this.

Can I borrow to buy the land?

A number of lenders will consider this, but there would need to be at least outline planning permission. You could then potentially raise 75% of the cost of the land by way of a mortgage with further advances agreed as the project progresses.

If I build a property and decide to sell it and move on, will I need to obtain an NHBC or similar guarantee?

Where a new build property has been built by a professional developer, a lender will normally expect to see some of NHBC or LABC warranty, or similar. For self-build projects and those constructed by smaller developers, lenders are happy to consider lending to a potential buyer provided the build quality can be substantiated. It is important therefore to have a qualified surveyor such as RICS inspect the building project as it progresses. This report and the ultimate ‘sign-off’ when complete can then be presented to any interested buyer and their mortgage lender.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 02921754150 and we’ll be happy to help.


Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage


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