You can remortgage for many different purposes, from simply wanting a better rate to releasing funds to purchase another property, consolidate other loans or even to invest in business. The options are wide and varied, which is why it is important to get the right advise. At Harvey Bowes, we have access to a variety of mortgages, we work for you, our client, and not the lender.

Whatever the reason for your re-mortgage, talk to one of the team at Harvey Bowes today on 02921754150 or complete the enquiry form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get in contact with you as soon as we can.

Offset remortgage

Offset mortgages offer the borrower the ability to combine savings with the mortgage and therefore offset the amount of interest paid on the overall balance owed. With some offset mortgages you can also have your salary paid into the account; and until you spend it, the amount of salary left each day reduced the amount borrowed on the moortgage. If this sounds a little complicated, just visit our offset mortgage page for more information.

Debt consolidation remortgage

Do you want to make managing your money easier by having one monthly payment to cover your borrowing? Or are you looking to reduce your monthly outgoings? Wraping your loans into one easy monthly payment may make it easier to manage your payments and could also reduce your monthly payments. Click here to find out more.

Remortgage to release funds

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to release some of the equity in your home. From releasing cash to invest in an extension, buy a new car, boat or even invest in yoour business, you can find out more about remortgages by clicking here.

Remortgage – swap and save

If you are paying your lenders standard variable rate – now is a great time to review your mortgage and see if savings can be made. Many re-mortgage deals offer free valuation and free legal fees, meaning that it could be cost effective to remortgage to a new lender and get a new mortgage deal. Click here to find out more

There are a whole range of options available. Most high street lenders have specific criteria for raising money. Some for example might be willing to lend if you were looking to use the extra funds as a deposit to buy a buy to let property, but would not lend if the extra money you are borrowing was to be used to invest into your own business.

Talking to a professional mortgage broker about your options is the best choice you can make when looking to raise extra funds. The team at Harvey Bowes can quickly identify which lenders will accept your proposal and then start examining the other important factors which result in the right mortgage advice being given.

If you are looking to raise additional funds quickly, you may want to consider a secured loan, click here for more information.

Seven steps to finding the right remortgage

At Harvey Bowes we offer a second-to-none mortgage service. Our process is simple in format, but like most simple ideas is highly effective. It helps our expert advisors find out about you, your aspirations and priorities. The system is also effective at taking care of everything for you with efficiently.

Step 1

We undertake a thorough fact-finding with you in order to get as much information about your personal circumstances as requirements as possible.  With thousands of deals in the market, it’s often the small details that count!

Step 2

We will recommend the most appropriate solution for your needs. And we’ll explain why it is the right recommendation for you.  We’ll run through all of the key principles of getting a great mortgage deal and how they effect you. For example, the difference between daily, monthly or annually calculated interest. The impact of any fees on your short and long term borrowing and other key features that have an impact on the structure of the deal we recommend and the amount of interest you pay.

Step 3

Once you let us know you’re happy to proceed, we will submit your mortgage application on your behalf and handle all of the paperwork.  There will be documents that need to be signed and these will be sent to you the same day that your recommendation is made.  These documents can be pre-completed if you wish, so all that you will need to do is check them for accuracy, sign, and return in the pre-paid envelope provided.

Step 4

We can recommend and instruct a reliable and professional conveyancing solicitor on your behalf.  This will undoubtedly save you the stress of having to find a reputable firm and you will have the benefit of a nationally-renowned solicitor at very competitive rates. Where we have recommended a mortgage that has free legal fees offered by the lender, we’ll run through the true potential cost of this and give you the information needed to make an informed decision whether to use the facility offered or not.

Step 5

Your mortgage advisor will ensure that your mortgage application proceeds as smoothly as possible. We’ll liaise with you, the lender, solicitor and estate agent (if applicable) in order to make the process as efficient as possible. We would always expect to be ready in our part of the process and have the mortgage Offer before the solicitors have done their bit of the process. Allowing you to sit back and relax knowing the funding is in place.

Step 6

When your mortgage offer is issued, we will carry out thorough checks to ensure that the terms of the offer are as expected.

Step 7

Once your mortgage has completed and any insurances we have arranged for you are placed ‘on risk’, we’ll ask you to complete our feedback form. We will also discuss with you the expiry of the deal rate and  arrange either an annual review date or a review date for the end of the deal rate expiry so that we can look to move your mortgage if appropriate and make sure you are always benefitting from the most competitive products in the market.

Call us on 02921754150


Think carefully before you secure other debts on your home.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage


save on your mortgageHave you always stayed with the same mortgage lender? Or kept all of your borrowing and savings with the same bank?

It is a traditionally British approach to be loyal; and staying with the same mortgage lender for the life of your mortgage is certainly loyal. But what reward to you get for your loyalty?

There was, even until recently, a well known saying: “A job with the bank is a job for life”. Recent times has shown how that is no longer the case. So too the banks often entice new borrowers with better deals than they are willing to offer to their existing borrowers. They rely on existing borrowers being loyal – and paying more for it!

That is why we recommend reviewing your mortgage regularly, at least every two years if not, every year. As a mortgage broker, we work for you as our client and not the bank. Our job is to find you the best mortgage to suit your circumstances and requirements – if that means there is a better deal with another bank, we’ll tell you that. And by changing your mortgage you could save a significant amount on your monthly payments by securing a lower interest rate. As a home-owner, you do not need to be moving home to change mortgage, nor do you have to be releasing extra money for an extension or the like, you can simply swop from one mortgage lender to another and save money on your payments.

In the current climate, the best deals are available to those with equity in their home, but this does not mean that if you have less equity, you can’t still beat the Standard Variable Rate of your current lender. You can call Harvey Bowes today and we’ll run through the options with you. Savings cannot be guaranteed, but we can guarantee we’ll give you a thorough review of your mortgage and identify if there are any savings you could make.

Call us today on 02921754150

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