Will writing service

Why you should ensure you have a valid Will 

People that we speak to here at Harvey Bowes, generally have three excuses for not having a valid Will. The first is cost, the second is a misconception that money would automatically go to a partner or children upon death and the third is the realisation that a Will is needed, but it’s not urgent, as you are not planning to die anytime soon.

The facts when one dies without a valid Will:

  • Unmarried partners are entitled to nothing
  • If both parents die their children may be taken into the authorities own adoption system or care-homes. This process can take years of fostering and moving families until the children can fend for themselves.
  • If the estate is worth more than just £5,000 the assets will be frozen until probate is granted. This could leave the remaining family with no income or money to live in the meantime.
  • Married partners only get the first £250,000 or £450,000 depending on whether there are children involved, and a half interest in any remainder.
  • Without a valid Will, you cannot guarantee the estate you leave behind will benefit those you want it to, such as your loved ones, charities or other important people to you personally.

There are many more aspects and benefits of having a Will, contact one of Harvey Bowes Financial Services for more advice, on 02921754150 today to discuss your requirements.

It may also be useful to review a Will made some years ago. Circumstances, preferences and even the level of wealth you have may have changed. If you have had children or more children, you may feel the family would benefit from a review of the current Will.

If you have married, re-married etc since you made your last Will, it will no longer be valid.

It is your choice!

Or is it? Without a valid Will, it is not your choice where and how your estate is distributed upon death. It becomes the choice of the politicians who put the current laws in place. If you want to control your estate and make your own choices, you need to have a current, valid, Will.

The cost of Will need not be high, in fact, it could be entirely free of charge even when completed by a qualified solicitor. Contact Harvey Bowes today for more details:

Call 02921754150 to find out how you could qualify for a FREE Will

Did you know?

“One in three people die in the UK without making a Will, potentially leaving their family and friends with nothing but acrimony, confusion and costly legal battles” – Emma Simon, Daily Telegraph 26/10/2009

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